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 Multi-Acre Parcels

The Investment Properties are multi-acre (1 - 400 contiguous acres) wooded parcels, that are fully developed with central water/sewer and paved roads, with beautiful lake and mountain views strategically located for a variety of commercial and residential uses.

These parcels are ideally suited for:

•    Single family homes
•    Multi-family Townhouses
•    Condominiums
•    Timeshare Facilities
•    Hotel/Motel sites
•    Hospitality
•    Entertainment facilities

Holiday Island has the following zoning classifications: R-1, R-2, R-3, C-1, C-2.

As an additional attraction, zoning can be arranged as required to suit the individual property use, immediately and inexpensively, by the Holiday Island Planning Commission, 100 % controlled by the developer.